Triangle Choke

The triangle choke is a powerful submission that can be executed from a variety of positions in BJJ. It is a technique that involves using your legs to create a chokehold around your opponent’s neck, while one of their arms is trapped between your legs. This choke is incredibly versatile and can be applied from a variety of positions such as the guard, half guard, and even from the back.

To execute the triangle choke, you first need to establish a good grip on your opponent’s neck using your arms. From there, you want to create an angle by pivoting your hips to the side and bringing one leg across your opponent’s neck. Your other leg should then hook around your opponent’s trapped arm. Once you have this position, you can start to apply pressure by squeezing your legs together while also pulling down on your opponent’s head.


It is important to note that the triangle choke is not just about strength, but also about technique. The most effective way to apply the triangle choke is by using leverage, rather than relying on brute force. This means that you should focus on positioning your body correctly, rather than simply trying to squeeze your opponent’s neck with your legs.


Another key aspect of the triangle choke is the importance of controlling your opponent’s posture. If your opponent is able to posture up and escape, it will be very difficult to finish the submission. To prevent this, you should use your arms to control your opponent’s posture and keep them trapped in the triangle.


One of the great things about the triangle choke is that it can be used to set up other submissions. For example, if your opponent defends the triangle choke by stacking you, you can transition to an armbar or a omoplata.


The triangle choke is a versatile and effective submission in BJJ that should be part of every practitioner’s arsenal. It requires good technique, proper leverage, and control of your opponent’s posture. With these elements in place, you can apply the triangle choke from a variety of positions and set up other submissions in the process.